Big sculptures has own wooden box with wheels for easy operation. There is no problem in delivery sculptures all over the Europe. I always provide safety transport of sculptures.



my name is Radek Svoboda. I am from Czech republic and I am young artistic blacksmith. I graduated at art-blacksmith High school in Luhacovice, Czech republic. I was working for several years in blacksmith business in Czech, where I had exhibition at opening ceremony of shoping Centrum in Zlín, Gallery and Museum night in Zlín,art gallery Zlín, from foreign Espace Art Gallery at Brussels and from 10/01/2020 I'll have my own exhibitio there.

My primary focus are sculptures of lovers. The love and lover's act can be represented in countless ways and there are no limits for promoting a love among humans. The love is not just a word, it is a feeling from your heart and conection between two souls. This is  what I am tryig to express, two souls bonded together with the tenderness of mutual touch.

The moment we begin to seek love,love begins to seek us, and brights our homes and lives. 


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